Colombia Drip Box

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84.00 AED

Coffee Grade : Huila Castillo Natural
Farm : Finca Las Delicias
Varietal : Castillo
Processing : Natural
Altitude: 1,450 meters above sea level
Region :  Huila

Sensory: Black Cherry, Brown Spice, Citrus Fruit, Maple Syrup, Plum
Cupping Score: 85


Yesid Castañeda cultivates coffee on his farm, Finca Las Delicias in Santa Maria, Huila. He is dedicated to continuing his education and improving the quality of his coffee and is constantly learning new skills, participating in as many training sessions as he can. He selectively handpicks cherries and lays them to sundry. He rakes the cherries frequently to ensure even drying. Yesid is building new parabolic dryers to improve his drying.
Castillo is a Colombian variety that was developed in 2005 by Cenicafe, the research arm of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. Castillo resulted from cross-fertilization between Caturra (the male parent) and a hybrid of Timor (the female parent). It also produces high yields which makes it a superb choice for producers.

Enjoy your coffee anytime, anywhere with this convenient travel option. 10 pieces are available in each box.

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